How to use the Hong Kong Baccarat Formula correctly

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How to use the Hong Kong Baccarat Formula correctly

When you play baccarat online. That although it is said to be a gambling game. That is easy to play and earns better money than other types of gambling games. But if you can use the formula of the game of Baccarat is It will increase your chances of winning bets and making more money. The very popular formula of the Baccarat game is the Hong Kong Baccarat Formula. That will be divide into two forms as follows. let’s go UFABET

1. Hong Kong formula, look at the card layout 1

online baccarat Hong Kong Box View Formula 1, you should select a Baccarat room that has been played 20 or more times to see the results of the cards backwards. The letter P only comes out 6 times, find the distance between the letter B and the P. If there are approximately 4 spaces according to the formula, the next round you bet on P or the player immediately if you hit P the first time. does not win, you continue to bet on the next table The reason for choosing to bet on P is because B or the dealer has too many winning results. Therefore, the chances of starting P will be greater. If the outcome of the cards has a lot of 4-6 turns, and the number of B is still a lot, the B will have a chance to come out more easily. Therefore, this formula focuses mainly on the use of vertical statistics. Therefore, you should use it in conjunction with the 2x wagering formula to increase your betting profits.

2. Hong Kong formula, look at the card layout 2

online baccarat Hong Kong card layout formula 2, you. Should choose a baccarat game room. That has play over 18 times. Choose the table as the main analysis as well. But the play will play only 6 games in a row and leave 4 games away and then come back to play again. But when the number is reach, you immediately move the room. It will increase your chances of winning more bets. There are details of the bet according to the formula:

When you look in row 1 and find that one of the cards is more drawn than the other, for example, you find that Player P’s card out is more than Banker B’s card to land you. on the player’s side Then you look at the second row if the result appears that the player’s side is out more than the hand side. Let you bet on the player’s side as before.

Because there will be a characteristic of the banker’s card cutting the player’s card, such as PPB, which in the next round has a good chance of coming out as PPBPP. Row 3, when you see that the dealer’s card is less than the player’s card, let you down. Bet on players now With the use of a 2x martingale formula until you change the face of the new card. If there is a change in the face of the card, you stop betting to see the next card.