Why Kao Ke  Thai to be popular

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The game Kao Ke of the Thai master has become a popular application. because it can be played on smartphones and tablets Therefore, it is convenient to carry and play anywhere. There are many game rooms to choose from. In the room, there will be real players who will join in the fun on the card table with you. You can also play 24 hours a day, there is no need to add money to play. Because there is a large amount of money or chips within the game. To make you have fun playing and practice your card playing skills as well. The images within the game are beautiful and clear. It’s an application that plays well. have a flow system and can rank the players within the game There is a competition that will give you double the fun It will be divided into 5 rooms:

let’s go UFABET

  • 3 card room to play cards , nine cards, 3 cards
  • The 4×100 room is a 4-card playing room.
  • Room 2 Bai Kae is a room that plays with 2 cards. 
  • A match room is a room for competitions. to rank players within the game 
  • The fortune telling room will have a random play room for those who love excitement and win.

Method of counting points, playing and rules of Thai Nine Gaesian

kao ke There will be a simple way to count card points, namely, if a numbered card will count points according to that number, cards numbered 2 to 10 will mean scores according to numbers, which are 2-10 points. As for Ace or A card is equivalent to 1 point and cards J, Q, K are equivalent to 0 or a blind card. If the player’s scores are equal, they are measured on the suit. If anyone has a card that is bigger than that person, they will win immediately.

For the playing style of Kao Ke, there are rules that start from the largest card to the smallest card, i.e. Tong, Straight Flush, Sort, Master, Color and Points. Details are as follows. go here