Laporta insists he did everything he could to bring Messi home.

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Barcelona president Joan Laporta insists he will do everything possible to bring Lionel Messi back to the team.

Azulgrana beat Espanyol 4-2 in La Liga on Sunday night. Handing Barca the league title with four games remaining. Which is considered the club’s 27th championship

After the last game, the Spanish media interviewed Laporta on various issues. Especially about the fact that the Catalan club returned to win the league again since 2019. But the thing that has attracted football fans around the world is the case of Messi. Who has recently been reported to be negotiating a return to playing in Camp Nou UFABET

“We will do everything possible to bring Leo Messi back to Barcelona.” Laporta said. 

The aforementioned case coincides with Rafa Youste. The club’s vice-president, who said that he would like Messi to return to the team and that he would be very happy if that happened.

However, the main problem for Barca right now is having to manage the wage ceiling. And show financial statements in order for La Liga to approve the 35-year-old.

Messi is out of contract with Paris Saint-Germain this summer. and it is likely that Will wave goodbye to the local Parc des Princes after the two parties show a rather clear attitude. do not want to extend the contract further.