I’m often hungry and always want to eat. How to stop being hunger?

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Hunger is consider a neurological signal. To remind you that the body needs food to use as energy. And when the stomach is empty The body secretes a hormone call Ghrelin or the hunger hormone that is produce by stomach cells. To signal to us that it’s time to eat or want food.

Before our regular meal This is when ghrelin levels are elevat. And when eating Ghrelin levels will decrease for about 3 hours before increasing until we feel hungry again. In addition to hunger according to the body’s mechanism Hunger can come from many other causes, including health, emotional, and social factors.

Many people may be hungry often or all the time, even after eating. The symptoms of frequent hunger may not be cause by hunger alone. But it may also be cause by inappropriate lifestyle habits, such as not getting enough rest. Exercising too much, drinking too little water, etc. Therefore, people who are often hungry even though they eat all 3 meals on time should UFABET have following information. To control hunger before risking eating too much and becoming obese.  

People will feel hungry when it’s their regular time to eat that meal, especially during the day, evening, etc. But if one day we feel hungry outside of the time we normally eat, for example, used to eat regularly during lunch and dinner. But I feel hungry in the evening. or before going to bed Even after waking up, I already want to eat. We will call this Hungry more often than usual If it’s only once in a while, that’s fine. But if hunger pangs happen regularly, it’s fine. We may have to find the cause!

Frequently hungry, must be solved with.

  • Add good protein to meals: Foods high in good protein, such as egg whites, fish, and beans, will help inhibit the secretion of the hormone ghrelin well. Especially at breakfast
  • Avoid high-fat foods: because they will not suppress hunger in the body as well as non-low-fat foods.
  • Get enough sleep: because not getting enough sleep will cause the body to produce ghrelin. Which makes you hungry more easily.
  • Eat smaller, more frequent meals: by dividing your food into smaller, more frequent meals every 3-4 hours.
  • Find a way to deal with stress: such as exercising, getting a massage, meditating, listening to music because stress causes the body to produce more ghrelin, making us hungry easily.