How to care for a new tattoos wounds to be safe and not dangerous!

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If we go back to the past Tattoos can be a matter of belief. Some people believe that getting a tattoo will improve your fate. or help with various spells, but at present Tattooing has become a matter of art. It’s a matter of beauty. Plus the concept of the modern era has changed with people who have tattoo wounds. Makes more and more people like to get tattoos on their bodies. Whether it’s a back tattoo or a leg tattoos.

After getting a tattoo Whether or not the tattoo wound will heal quickly depends on the nature and size of the tattoo. A large tattoo may cause the skin around the tattoo to be swollen and red for a long time. In addition to taking care of the tattoo above, Tattoo owners can care for their wounds daily by washing them regularly with soap and water. Then wipe the wound dry and apply ointment twice a day to maintain moisture. Do this continuously for 2-4 weeks after the tattoo. The สมัคร ufabet steps for taking care of the tattoo wound each day for 1 month after the tattoo are as follows:

Day 1 after removing the bandage This is normal for fluids such as blood, plasma, lymph, or tattoo ink to ooze from the wound. However, there may also be pain and redness around the tattoo area. The wound should be clean with warm water and soap that does not contain perfume. Then apply beeswax for moisture. without having to cover the wound

On the 2-3rd day, the tattoo wound may become darker. This is the stage when the wound begins to heal and scab over. During this time, the wound should be clean 1-2 times/day. While washing the wound, colored ink may seep out as well. After washing the wound, apply a cream that does not contain perfume or alcohol. To maintain moisture for the skin

On days 4-6, the redness will gradually subside and there may be some scabs around the tattoo. However, do not remove the scabs as this may cause scarring. You should clean the wound continuously 1-2 times/day and may apply skin cream to maintain moisture.

Day 6-14 During this time, the scab will begin to harden and peel off. This may make you feel itchy, but never pick, pick, or pull off the scabs. This may cause the tattoo to peel off and may cause scars. The scab should be allow to peel off naturally. You may also use skin cream to apply to the tattoo area several times a day to reduce itching. But if there is still swelling and redness, this may be a sign of infection. You should immediately see a doctor.

On days 15-30, approximately 2 weeks after the tattoo, the scabs will begin to fall off completely. However, there may be dead skin cells remaining around the tattoo. This will peel off on its own later. However, the skin around the tattoo area may appear dull and dry, so you should always apply cream to keep the skin moisturized around the tattoo area. It may take 3-4 months for the inner skin to recover. The skin returns to normal. And the tattoo will be bright and beautiful in color after approximately 3 months.