Benefits of tears Who said it can’t be helped?

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It’s a common thing. That every human being sheds tears when feeling sad. Because crying isn’t wrong. It is not body language that shows weakness or an unstable mind. Such gestures are only natural emotional responses. Even the ancient Greeks and Japanese warriors of the Middle Ages believed that crying was a sign of strength and understanding of the world. 

Tears don’t just flow when crying with sadness, joy, or fear. But it also helps keep the eyes moist. Helps remove foreign objects that enter the eye. And has many benefits to the body and mind. Let’s get to know the mechanism of tear secretion. Benefits of tears and learn how the shedding of tears is related to various emotions.

Each year, our bodies produce more than 55-110 liters of tears. In addition that flow from various emotions, the eyes also produce other types of tears, which are divided into three types:

  • Eye nourishment It is water that is always in the eyes. Keep creating lubrication Nourishes and protects the cornea It also acts as a shield to protect the eyes from various dust particles.
  • Tears from external stimuli It is creat when the eyes need to remove harmful irritants such as foreign objects, smoke, or certain substances from onions. These tears are produce in larger quantities than normal eye fluid. And may contain antibodies to help fight bacteria.
  • Tears from emotions Tears are a response to emotions such as sadness, joy, fear, etc. Some speculate that emotional tears may contain hormones and other proteins that are not found in the eye fluid or tears produce by external stimuli.

Shedding tear It doesn’t always show weakness. Tear don’t just flow when we’re sad, happy, or scared. But it is also very beneficial to the body and mind. ยูฟ่าเบท will tell you health information about the benefits of tear and what they are. Let’s take a look.

  • relieve stress Crying releases stress hormones. or removes toxins from the body and as a result tension is reduce.
  • Calm down, reduces brain temperature. Because crying makes us breathe faster and fill our lungs more. Therefore helping to calm the mind and relax. It is water that is always in the eyes. that creates lubrication Nourishes and protects the cornea
  • Eliminate dust from entering the eyes When dust gets into your eyes The tear glands will produce more tear than normal. which is a reflex reaction of the body To remove foreign objects from the eyes as quickly as possible.
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the eyes.
  • communicate emotions Crying can express things that words cannot express, especially in relationships. Which is use when wanting to convey emotions, both happy and sad.