Media digs interviews with Klopp snatching away team

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Media digs interviews with Klopp snatching away team. Threaten to retire if they have to throw 100 million pounds to grab the players

The media in England dug an interview with Liverpool FC manager Jurgen Klopp of the English Premier League. Gobble up rival teams who have spent huge sums of money in football player market. To grab the big name football team. After the Reds have closed the deal to grab Darwin Nunez from Benfica’s statement. Leaving only the official launch with the Red Machine.

The deal is estimated to be worth around £85m, with an initial offer of £64m and £21m in bonus options for the 22-year-old forward who has scored 31 goals for the club in 41 appearances. Last season’s all-inclusive appearances saw Nunez become the most expensive player in Liverpool’s history, surpassing Virgil van Dijk, who joined from Southampton for £75m.

Klopp has previously comment on the transfer of big-name players. When Paul Pogba agreed a 105 -dollar move from Juventus to Manchester United. Million euros (about 89 million pounds) in the summer of 2016, saying:

“If you grab a player worth £100 million and he gets injure. That’s equal to all the money being pounded in the melting river chili paste. If that day comes in football. I probably won’t be working in this industry anymore. Because the heart of the game of football is coordination, playing as a team

But I need a different method. I would have spent the money doing something else if I had that budget.” Klopp told UFABET