Manchester City officially launch Erling Haaland

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Manchester City officially launch Erling Haaland

Manchester City Football Club of the English Premier League Football. Agreed to sign Erling Haaland from Borussia Dortmund in the transfer market Officially value at around £51.2m this summer.

The 21-year-old Norwegian striker has score 86 goals in 89 games for Dortmund. Since joining from Red Bull Salzbo. Yellow Tiger since January 2019. Before becoming a new striker. Pep Guardiola’s team penned a five-year contract with the Blue.

Reports the UFABET. That Manchester City Has made an offer worth the release of Haland’s contract since May last year. Before the official launch at this time

“This is a proud day for me and my family,” Haaland said in his debut against City. “I have always watched City’s games and loved what the team has shown in the last few seasons. I couldn’t resist falling in love with Man City’s style of play, it’s been an exciting play and the team has created a lot of goalscoring opportunities. That’s the perfect approach for me. “

There are a lot of world-class players in the team. Pep is one of the greatest managers of all time. It’s a great move for me. And I can’t wait to start the pre-season with the team. I want to score win the championship and develop his footsteps as a better player. I am confident that I can do it all with this club.”