Arsenal “fighter’s heart” who still has problems concentrating

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Arsenal “fighter’s heart” who still has problems concentrating.

This game was fun for both teams. and full of tactical qualities and the strength to chase the ball when not in possession. In the end, this game was decid where one mistake was enough to decide the game. In this game, Arsenal can perform better than the last time they met. But still not enough to win. They didn’t have a lot of kills in this game. 

But a lot against Manchester City level teams, they can’t convert into goals. Not having a better natural striker than Gabriel Jesus. Who is injured today. Maybe they need to think about whether they need to add anything or not.

As well as the concentration issues in the game during the substitutions they tend to spend a lot of time tuning into the game.

This set of Arsenal will definitely win with the new Premier League season that depends on them. Will the visible problem fix? As well as the immense lack of consistency. That cause them to miss out on the title last season. will be filled or not

The blue sailboat was still strong all over the ship.

Last season’s “triple” was no coincidence. But this is the most complete sailboat version of Pep Guardiola who understands the playing system. and duties of each Most importantly, the tactics of playing possession of the ball are brutal. their aggressive pressing It is still rare for a team to replicate them in their standard quality. Even if this game ends in defeat

The acquisition of Yosco Guardiol, including Mateo Kovacic, joined with the loss of Ilkay Gundogan, waiting to see how they would be. But if just looking at this game They remain unchanged. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet