Ajax – Abdelhak Nuri “One Forever”

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Ajax – Abdelhak Nuri “One Forever”

July 8, 2017, almost five years ago, former Ajax midfielder Abdelhak Nouri (25) experienced the worst experience of his life. After he flashed during a warm-up game. Against Werder Bremen. Which took place in a camp in Austria. Which ultimately ends in the loss of some of the brain cells. That are permanently destroyed. He became a sleeping prince for many years. Although it was report. That he had already woken up in the year. 2020, but unable to return to normal life And for his privacy only family members and only the persons involve met him. Which can be communicate to some extent through the movement of the lips and blinking of the eyes. Report from UFABET

If Abdelhak Nouri continues to play football today, Ajax may have another great player in football.  

On the subject of Nuri’s family law A lawsuit has been filed in court over Ajax’s handling of the matter being too late to reach Nouri. at the time of the incident There is no preparation for the unexpected. And causing an event that no one wants to happen, of course, Ajax admits to this. Negotiate with family understandably about the loss. They will be the best healer for him to live for his family. And of course, the fans still do not forget him. Like the club that has seen him since the age of 8

Ajax Amsterdam has announc and agreed to pay €7.85 million. In total maintenance costs from the start of the incident until future is reache. After the legal matter is over They announce the number 34. Which is the number of the players select for the reason. That He wanted to be part of Ajax’s 34th Eredevisie League title (at the time he was still playing). and now Ajax 36 wins) to become Abdelhak’s number. and the Nuri family forever. If one day the Nouri family becomes an Ajax Amsterdam player. They are entitle to continue using this number.

As you know, many players who joined Nouri’s generation, even leaving the team, have chosen to wear the number 34 shirt to play for a new club, including Donny van de Beek (Manchester United). ), Justin Kluivert (worn during AS Roma, currently playing for Nice), as well as Joel Fleman (Brighton & Hove Albion), among others.

Recently, Ajax Amsterdam decided to build. “Small dressing room” came out on permanent display. inside the club shop Along with the last shirt that Aldelhak Nuri wore to the team, the sleeves were wrapped in it as a remembrance that was no different from having a monument to honor. Including the name Abdelhak Nouri became the name of the club’s award for the best young player each season. to commemorate and continued inspiration for all children in the youth team. 

But more than that, Ajax Amsterdam is not just a club. but part of the people is part of the way of life of people People born here support this team. all children who play football I want to play for this club And here is one of the clubs with one of the best youth systems in the world of football.

Kids who love football in this city. Many have been through the youth system of the club since childhood. As for how far you can go, it depends on the person. from the goals of professional players Becoming an amateur and becoming a footballer because of his love for Ajax football, Abdelhak Nuri’s story is in it, with the football stadium in the city.