How many types of Hi-Lo formulas are there for us to learn?

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How many types of Hi-Lo formulas are there for us to learn?

And then we’ve brought you to the important part, that is, the Sic Bo formula, each of which can be guaranteed that The method to use is very simple, not complicated at all. If you are ready, let’s see what formulas are playing Sic Bo or Sic Bo. The details are as follows: Before entering ทางเข้า UFABET

  • Toad
    is a technique that many people like to use. Because can choose to bet 2 such as Toad 2, 4 and 3, 6 etc. By stabbing Toad if the player predicts the result correctly will receive the money bet at the ratio of 1:5 to all, therefore making Toad betting is another popular technique Because in addition to selecting 2 bets, it can also make money very well.
  • Teng
    bets are bets on only one number, such as Teng Two or Teng Three, etc. By betting on favorites. It is consider another technique. That will increase the chances of winning bets without losing other techniques at all. Because the Hi-Lo. That are shaken often. Have a chance to come out a lot of that number, thus causing many players to turn. Let’s use a more bet method. The payout ratio of the favorite bet is 1:1, it is consider very worthwhile as well.
  • Tong bet
    is to choose a bet. That will have 3 specific types (with 3 specific numbers such as Be specific that all 3 Hi-Lo will be numbered 3, 3, 3 only, or only 1-6 (by choosing to bet that the result will be any number) if it matches your chosen one, you will receive money immediately The first payout is 1:150 and the second is 1:24 respectively.
  • The high
    bet is similar to the low bet, but the difference is that the high bet is It mainly looks at the sum of the number of points on all 3 dice, must be more than 12 points and payout ratio is 1:1.
  • Low bet
    is a betting technique by predicting the sum of the number of points on all 3 dice. The total must have a score of 4-10 and the payout ratio is 1:1.

The path to use the simple Sic Bo formula that you need to know.

After we introduced the Sic Bo formula for playing Sic Bo or Sic Bo for you to know above. Later, we will introduce how to use the Sic Bo formula that you can easily follow. The details are as follows.

  1. Apply for membership
    – apply via the main Line, scan the QR Code or contact the Call Center by the number on the web page
    – inform information such as name-surname, telephone number and account number for making deposits – withdrawals The name in the account book must match the name informed to the team
    . After that, you will receive User and Password from the team, you can play immediately.
  2. Place bets
    Once you log in, you will find details such as Sic Bo tables, Hi-Lo and bet slots. You choose to bet on different numbers in the slots according to that round. For example you choose to bet on Tod that can select up to 2 numbers, if the result comes out that exactly the number you bet, receives the prize according to the payout rate from the website.