Boxing match. Why do you have to organize a boxing match?

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Boxing match. Why do you have to organize a boxing match?

Opened up a wide issue with the question: Why does each boxing match have a boxing match? which the format of the program for the pair to fight Usually arrange a pair of appetizers first. Then the pair that is the best boxer often competes in the last match. In which boxing terms are called boxing pairs, boxing pairs, and boxing pairs. Go to ทางเข้า UFABET

The reason for having to arrange boxing matches to be in the last place It can be divided into two perspectives, namely, in terms of marketing theory, using boxing matches as a point of attraction for visitors. It’s the best storage. at the end to impress and pass it on to the people around you It also helps visitors who may be late. Never miss a highlight that you want to watch as well.

In the sports corner, the arrangement of the boxing match or the boxing match will be the last match. It’s like teaching the younger generation to Dulila. Look at the seniors’ rankings. because before that race A young boxer who is still inexperienced. bear the pressure There was excitement. So he didn’t have any interest in other matters, but when the fight was over Often sit and watch other boxing matches continue. This will reverse the image in your head. Reminds me of the time when I just punched myself. It’s learning from watching seniors. It’s a good way to build your willpower.

Where is the great boxing match? Why does it look good?

For those who are big boxing fans If going back twenty years ago Probably no one knows Samart Payak Arun or Khao Sai Galaxy for sure. These two boxers are regarded as playing an important role in turning our country’s boxing industry around. To come back to be lively and bright. It can be said that even women who are not interested in boxing punches before. It has to be exciting every time. Because each fight has great shots, impressive shots to watch all the time. It can really be called a legend of the boxing industry in our country.

Before becoming a legendary boxing match master, a boxer with a good teacher and experience has gone through many arenas. There will be a beautiful weapon movement. There is technique and tactic. Both the mother and the lace can turn the situation from receiving to offensive know the pace Know when to walk away the most important is When the opponent opens the rhythm, it will act immediately. It can be said that the win at T.K.O. Which if anyone has ever watched this legendary boxing match I can tell you that it’s really the best.