Stage of liver cancer

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Stage of liver cancer.

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Normally, there are many different stages of liver cancer. But overall, it can divide into 4 stages, like other types of cancer.

stage 1

  • The nature of the tumor is small and there is only one lump.

Liver cancer stage 2

  • The cancer has spread into the blood vessels within the liver. and/or have multiple cancers But it still has a small size.

stage 3

  • The tumor is very large. and/or has spread into tissues adjacent to the liver and/or spread into the large abdominal vein and/or spread into lymph nodes near the liver

stage 4

  • Cancer cells spread through the bloodstream. It often enters other lobes of the liver, including pain, but it is likely that it can spread into other organs as well, such as the brain, bones, or even lymph nodes that are far from the liver, such as intra-abdominal lymph nodes. or collarbone area 

Differentiating symptoms of liver cancer away from other diseases Similar places

  • People who have jaundice, yellow eyes, a swollen stomach, or swollen feet may be suffering from cirrhosis. Most patients have a history of drinking alcohol for a long time. And often red palms and red spots appear on the chest.
  • People who experience fatigue and rapid weight loss. It may cause by cancer in other organs, such as lung cancer. Which will cause a chronic cough that turns into blood and chest pain, or stomach cancer. There will abdominal pain similar to gastritis , colon cancer. There will be diarrhea, constipation, and chronic abdominal pain. Or blood in the diarrhea. In addition, these symptoms can also be caused by diabetes. Which will have symptoms of thirst, frequent urination, and hunger. Pulmonary tuberculosis will have a fever and chronic cough, blood clot. AIDS will have a chronic fever. Chronic diarrhea, toxic goiter, symptoms include being easily tired. Heart palpitations, trembling hands, hot sweats, excessive sweating, goiter symptoms.

And no matter what disease the symptoms occur, We should immediately travel to see a doctor for a thorough diagnosis and receive proper care to make a full recovery.