6 benefits of “watermelon”, the sweet, juicy red fruit of the summer

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6 benefits of “watermelon“, the sweet, juicy red fruit of the summer

If you think of a way to cool down, Eating watermelon in chilled form This is another way to help quite well. Because it is to extinguish the heat temperature from within. And in addition to eating fresh watermelon We can also make it into a drink. Or toppings eaten with cold ice cream. Increase the enjoyment of eating, creating amazing variety for every menu. But before eating today. https://ufabet999.com would like to take everyone to get to know. Benefits of watermelon In what ways can it help nourish our health ?

What nutrients are in watermelon?

Summer fruits that everyone loves I know that whenever I eat, it makes me feel refreshed. The nutrients in this watermelon are so abundant that we never expected it because just eating 1 cup per day can give us full substances that are beneficial to the body as follows.

  • Energy 46 calories
  • 6 grams of carbohydrates
  • Fiber 6 grams
  • Calcium 8 milligrams
  • Phosphorus 9
  • Magnesium 4 mg
  • Potassium 172 mg
  • Vitamin C 5 mg

There is also vitamin A, beta-carotene, lutein, lycopene, choline in watermelon. and help adjust the balance Relieve symptoms of various diseases Helps to make your health stronger as well.

6 health benefits of watermelon that are more than just delicious

Whoever said watermelon is only good and delicious needs to think again. Because there are many other benefits as follows, hidden without you knowing. And it was completely unexpected.

  • Prevent asthma

Experts believe that Free radicals play a role in making you suffer from asthma. Eating watermelon will provide antioxidants and vitamin C to help protect. Do not cause any symptoms to be stimulated. There can be additional complications. And reduce the chance that you will be in a state of asthma.

  • Reduce cancer risk

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) found that the antioxidants in watermelon help reduce cell damage that can cause cancer. It also contains lycopene which inhibits the risk of prostate cancer as well.

  • Nourish the brain and nervous system

Eating enough watermelon per day regularly May help you have a better memory. There is development of the brain in learning. and also maintains the structure of cell membranes From choline which is a substance in watermelon. However, there is not enough evidence that eating watermelon can slow the progression of dementia. or Alzheimer’s disease

  • Relieve muscle pain

Because watermelon is a fruit that contains up to 90% water, it reduces muscle pain. and help recover from sports injuries or those who have been exercising hard. In a 2017 study, athletes were tested and drank fruit juice two hours before a competition. Drinkers reported that Muscle pain is relieved. and better than before

  • Increase visual efficiency

Lycopene was discovered in watermelon. Helps our eyes function well, reduces inflammation, and prevents deterioration of the retina with use. or increasing age This can cause your eyes to go blind.

  • Nourish skin and hair

Vitamin A and Vitamin C in watermelon Has the ability to create collagen. which is a protein that promotes your hair to look healthy and strong Does not fall off easily And add softness to your skin, looking moisturized all the time, not dry or flaky. Until you feel like you’ve lost your confidence.

Risks of eating too much watermelon

Eating watermelon should be in the amount of 1 cup per day, or 154 grams, in order to avoid the risk. And there is no danger. to your physical health But if you eat too much It may have an impact on patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes and allergies. That results in high blood sugar levels, hives and respiratory problems. or difficulty breathing

Therefore, you should eat in moderation. And if you have allergies or signs of unusually severe complications such as nausea, swollen tongue or throat, you should seek immediate consultation with a medical professional near you.