Exercise poses to relieve leg fatigue when to wear high heels.

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Girls and high heels are practically inseparable. And often think that high heels can make you look more elegant. It is said that the taller you are, the more beautiful and charming you look. Which is actually not very correct. Because it causes the body to be in an abnormal position and to tense the muscles for a long time, which can cause muscle inflammation. Which causes aches and pains in the legs or back and also has a negative effect on your personality in the long run.

ทางเข้า ufabet has gathered together some simple exercises that will help girls relax. After wearing high heels for a long time It can help stretch muscles in various areas. It causes more relaxation and helps reduce pain as well.

Additional equipment for exercise postures is a chair for use in physical therapy.

The first position is to relax the calf muscles. You will begin by stretching out both legs, then wiggle your toes up and hold for 5 seconds. While doing this, you will feel tight in your calves. After that, kick your toes into the water as before for 5 seconds and return. Repeat this for a total of 10-15 times. You will feel your muscles become much more relaxed than before.

The second position helps relax the muscles under the feet. Because when girls Wearing high heels means that we must constantly feel the muscles under our feet tense. Therefore, it will easily cause pain. By this exercise We will have you stand with your feet on top of the bowl and have you shift your weight onto it. As far as feeling tight Don’t feel hurt. Which must be done for about 20-30 seconds if there is a house that does not have a shell. The team recommends finding a tennis ball. or plastic water bottles You can take it and roll it around. Under the feet as well.

The third position is to stretch the muscles in the front thigh. Find a stable handle and lift your feet with your knees bent back. You must feel tightness in the front of your legs and count for 20-30 seconds, alternating sides 3-5 times.

Fourth exercise It’s a calf stretch. Because many women who wear high heels may easily experience cramps. After wearing high heels for a long time, blood circulation is difficult. In this position, find a handle and stretch one leg behind you. The other leg is lifted so that the knee is bent forward. and let us push forward until the back leg feels tight Try to capture the feeling. Count and hold for 20-30 seconds, doing 3 to 5 times, switching sides and doing the same thing 10 times. This is because girls who wear high heels will feel it immediately after doing this exercise. This is because there will be a feeling of extreme tightness in the calves.

The last position is to stretch the lateral back muscles with one hand and one foot on the waist. On the other hand, raise your arm above your head and tilt your body against the raised arm. Until you feel tightness on your sides, do this for 10 to 20 seconds, about 10 times, alternating both sides.

How are you doing with the exercises that will help with blood circulation? Including the soles of our feet are not too sore from wearing high heels. Let’s leave a final word about the height of high heels that are appropriate for wearing. It should be approximately 1 and a half to 2 inches because if the heel is higher than this, It will affect the body more and the duration of wearing high heels should not exceed 2 hours. There should be a break or a change to allow the muscles to change their function. To cause relaxation Because otherwise we wear it for a long time. Of course, even people who have never had pain from wearing high heels will definitely experience pain.